Anni & Mats

Laughter, love, a fast car and.. mosquitos!
Great fun shooting this wedding, wishing you both the best joyful people.

Summer shoot

Summer portrait of Michelle and her beautiful animals. Shot in Oss, The Netherlands.

Where the Wild Things Are

Jumping, running with sticks as swords, calling out Tarzan jungle sounds... nothing better then to be out in nature and be that kid again!
All photos are taken at the "Oirschotse heide" in The Netherlands.

Wonderful Wonderland

I had an amazing walk with friends at the Sonse heide – a protected nature area in Holland. It felt like I was Alice, walking through Wonderland, with every minute a different landscape because of the changing light.

Enjoy the pictures!

Sunset at the Sonse heide in Holland

Sunset at the Sonse heide in Holland


Paardadvies (translated as horse advice), is a coaching company by Tessa Deen located in Nuenen, the Netherlands.

She coaches people not by herself, but letting her horses do the coaching work!
Horses have a véry sharp sense of body language, so they are great coaches.

Interested in more?
Take a look on her site where she explains more about Paardadvies coaching (for personal and business workshops)!

Horse Dynamics

Website, logo design and photography for Horse Dynamic.
It was great fun to work with Yoni Blom to make her vision on physiotherapy, training and rehabilitation for horses visible online.

Go check it out!

Photography, logo design and website for Horse Dynamics

Photography, logo design and website for Horse Dynamics


What a great performance tonight of Kovacs at Blue Collar Theater! Incredible voice of Sharon Kovacs, together with Ruud the Groot on guitar and vocals.

Sharon Kovacs at Blue Collar Theater 14th of may 2016

Sharon Kovacs at Blue Collar Theater 14th of may 2016

Farm animals of Ormestorp

Pictures shot of the animals at the Swedish farm Ormestorp
The rules for animals in Sweden are much better than any other country I know. Animals are not allowed to be kept alone, barbed wire is prohibited and they always need to have a shelter outside. A great example for other countries!

Cum Equum

"Cum equum", is an ongoing equine photography project. As a photographer and (audio)visual designer I try to capture the beauty, power and roughness of these animals in a simplistic/abstract way.
Take a look on the instagram account @CUMEQUUM for the latest pictures.