Video and pictures shot recently for product designer Pieter Husmann.
Hélo is a set of 3D printed in-ear wearable electronics and is Husmann's graduation project of the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Van Hout woodturning

Woodturning. A craftmanship not seen often, but worth to be noticed.
For Van Hout (www.vanhoutmaakt.nl) I shot a video last week to capture this beautiful craft. Below some screenshots – more coming up soon to show the final result!



Promotionvideo and studio photography for Refurbeasts.

Take a look on www.refurbeasts.com for Lisa Louwers second hand furcoats 're-made' into their original form, as a tribute to animals.

Information Gluttony featured on...

Information Gluttony is featured on Arts Thread, Trendland, Yorokoby and Something About Form.

 Something about form:
"What i find intriguing about this project is Wipplers ability to transform this “information gluttony” into a video that most of us could relate to."

"The video represents “updates” as an addiction and compares Social Networks to a drug that we inject intravenously, or that we pop like a pill. It’s our cell phones that are tucking us in at night and waking us up in the morning, and we process information like putting an entire newspaper in a blender and drinking it for breakfast."

Glad to say I'm...

... Bachelor of Design!
Finally graduated at Man & Communication of Design Academy Eindhoven (The Netherlands), one of worlds top design schools. Let the freelance-life begin! :)

Below my graduation project called Information Gluttony.

The moment we wake up we are bombarded with information. Phones ringing. Notifications and social networks screaming. Email inboxes overflowing. Radio blaring. TV humming in the background. And when we leave the house the flow continues with pushy advertisements around every corner. We are consuming all this information at a faster pace than ever before. This insatiable hunger should make us wonder: do you consume information, or does it consume you? Check out www.informationgluttony.com By Myra Wippler http://myra.wippler.nl

Publication "Met huid en haar"

In assignment for Liesbeth Dekker, I photgraphed horses in a way to show their beauty of differences in colors. "Met huid en haar" –meaning: with skin and hair– is a book about the color genetics of horses.  There are many full-page pictures I made in the book, including the graphic design of the cover and photography.

You can order the book on: www.paardenkleuren.nl/