The important ones

6 continuous hours

I am there capturing the most important moments of your wedding like the ceremony, congratulations and a shoot of the two of you in a nice setting at your wedding location.

About 6 hours I will join you on this special day – which moment you want me to capture is completely up to you.

9000 kr

900 eu


Some extra love

8 continuous hours

To choose for this option, means I’m 2 hours more on your wedding – and that extra time means more possibilities for moments to be captured.

Also for this package you get to decide what hours of your wedding I am there to capture the moments you want.

11000 kr


1100 eu


The whole day

From beginning to end

From the start of the day when you both are changing in your wedding clothes to the end of your wedding, I am there following along your side to capture this.

From the moment of the dressing to the party feet on the dance floor!

14000 kr


1400 eu